If Grammar Nazis were real, you might have eliminated half the population by now. And with good reason, for there are enough editors and proofreaders out there to help you out.

We understand how the lack of grammar etiquette could get to you, among other things. So we’ve curated a list of memes that’ll make you laugh a little, roll your eyes a lot and be a welcome little break in general.

So without further ado, here are 10 of the most hilarious memes that’ll amuse and irritate the editor in you!


1) We had to start with this. The center of all problems, ruining the best memes for us.


2) I’m confused, could I use a lifeline?


3) Lettuce all stand and salute the extraordinary human behind this. Taking puns to a whole new world, literally.


4) Take a moment to absorb this brilliance right here.


5) We’re sure it gets violent on the 5st floor, but what happens the ‘Thirst’ Floor?


6) These students ought to prep themselves for fame courtesy some legendary tutoring.


7) Take a good, long look. Your editor is communicating with you via these marks.


8) What did you sleep with again?


9) How many levels of wrong can you find here?

10) Leaving you with some more existential criteria to fulfill.

Clearly, a lot of people could do with editing and proofreading. For some more inspiration to start editing your work, take a look at some of these embarrassing editing and proofreading fails right here!

Or you could make the smarter choice, and PaperTrue your literary image to perfection.