For as long as I can remember, MS Word has been a critical part of writing. Like everything though, it’s evolved to include a lot of features in the ribbon toolbar that often go unnoticed. Almost every feature on Microsoft Word has shortcuts on the keyboard. 

Your mouse (pad) could soon be redundant because the shortcuts listed below will transform you into a maestro of the software.

1) Find and Replace

With a document as huge as a novel or as diversified as a dissertation, it’s important to ensure consistency. In such cases, find and replace comes as a Messiah made even easier to access with a simple F5.


2) Ctrl + Shift + L

In a similar vein, this shortcut helps you bullet and number your lists easily, without having to access the toolbar.


3) Ctrl + 0 (zero)

A document up for judgment is always eased by the presentation of it, and this helps you add space above and below a paragraph.


4) Ctrl + Spacebar

While copying text from a website onto our document, we often have to spend an extra minute adjusting the font to match. Save yourself that time and just use this option instead!


5) Shift+Alt+P

It’s a little baffling to know that some people spend a good fifteen minutes struggling and obsessing over page numbers. This particular key inserts a page field at the cursor point and automatically formats your page numbers.


6) Shift + F5

While reviewing the document, there are plenty of things you need to be mindful of as is. Skip one little worry by allowing this trick to return you to your last editing point.


7) Ctrl + F6

A charming little option, this shortcut allows you to cycle through multiple open word documents.


8) F4

If you ever need to repeat a command constantly over the entire document or even a particularly long section, this ensures Word remembers your last action and does it over.


9) F7

When all your work is done but right before you heave a sigh of relief, simply hit this button in order to open the spelling and grammar check window. Alternatively of course, you could opt to send your document in to us for a more thorough check! *winks*


10) Miscellaneous Formatting Texts

A few key tricks to have up your sleeve while writing on Microsoft Word include: 

  • Ctrl+B to bold text
  • Ctrl+I to italicize text
  • Ctrl+U to underline text 

Use  Ctrl+L to left-justify text,  Ctrl+E to centre it,  Ctrl+J  to justify it, and  Ctrl+R to right-justify it.