A survey has pointed that 80% of people prefer to know about a company through written content. But don’t be mistaken, this is not only about long-form articles, this specifically refers to social media copy, Google ads and interesting blog articles. A well-written and interesting blog article will generate more internet traffic which will convert into leads, ergo more productivity for your company. Additionally, web content and the writing on your website’s landing page will also determine whether your customer will stay. A lot of business persons do not have the time or experience to create copy that is engaging and interesting to your customers. This is the reason why you should think about hiring a copywriter for your firm. But what factors must you look for when you do this? Let’s have a look. 

1 . Have you researched enough about your target audience? 

Who is your copywriter targeting through their copy? Who is your main target market? It is better to do your research thoroughly and then hand over that data to your copywriter so that they can write targeted copy instead of undefined copy. Even the best copywriter in the world will not be able to give you the desired results if they don’t have a defined target audience. Make sure that you have the following data before you hire your copywriter:

  1. Key pain points
  2. Their desires and their problems
  3. Their spending habits and what they do not like

Your resultant copy will be highly targeted and powerful. 

  1. Clarity about your desired results

What results do you want to get? Even if it may sound obvious, saying ‘to make more sales’ or ‘increase web traffic’, is too vague and undefined. Your copywriter will need  to understand what your targets are and what results you want to achieve. Do you want to increase your website conversion rates? Do you want to increase your followers? Share these goals with your copywriter. They will be better able to suggest ways to reach those targets and suggest realistic options suited to your company’s needs.  

  1. Experience within your industry isn’t always necessary.

Even if experience writing for your particular industry isn’t available, a writer’s ability to write well for the medium takes precedence above all. A good copywriter will write just as well for a hipster book cafe as they write for a giant mobile apps company. 

This may differ if you need strictly technical content which requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry. You may have to hire someone who has more experience in that and on the medium. 

  1. Ask for references, and contact them.

All writers can give you samples of written work, but you need to understand how they work, how they communicate and what their work ethic is. For this, you need to contact their references and enquire about all these things. A good copywriter will have a bunch of references, but you have to at least contact 2 of them and ask about the strengths and weaknesses. 

  1. You get the copy that you pay for 

A good copywriter will demand a due fee and rightly so. If you can pay whatever your graphic and web designers quote, then good copy should be on that priority list. 

  1. Look for a reader

It’s always better when it’s a reader, isn’t it? Even if this is not the most important thing that you need to keep in mind, it is definitely an added benefit when you look to hire a copywriter. Being a voracious reader certainly gives them that edge and a flair for literary language. 

  1. Likability

A copywriter is not only going to write for you but they will interact with the other employees, interact with the client when necessary and be around you all the time. It is important that their demeanour is pleasant and their work ethic suits your company. 

  1. Hire a copywriter, not a wordsmith

A copywriter writes copy, but that is the first step of their entire work. They also check SEO, do research, understand the target audience language and understand how to use keywords. It is important that you hire a person proficient in all of this process. 

  1. If you’re hiring a freelance copywriter, what is their turnaround time?

No matter how great a copywriter’s work is, your content has a timeline that they need to follow. If they are already overworked, your company may not be a priority. This can result in the late delivery of your content or poor communication. 

  1. Conduct a Two-Part Edit Test

It’s important to give the copywriter a test that offers a practical example of the kind of content they’ll be expected to write for your company. 

Once they complete a test, offer them feedback on what they can do better. Give them another test and check whether they’ve incorporated the feedback. This is a great way to test their responsiveness and how well they retain your feedback. 

A great copywriter is an amalgamation of a good editor, writer and collaborator. With these tips, make sure that you hire the best for your company. For more tips and tricks on writing business copy, click here.