PaperTrue has edited and proofread a great deal of self-published books, and we have a huge amount of respect for self-published authors. We understand the trials and tribulations of bringing out a book into the market without the support and backing of giant publishing houses. The painstaking efforts in crafting a book that each such individual takes are applaudable. Additionally, you guys also go through the pre-publishing process and take care of the all-essential marketing and promotions. 

As a self-publishing author, you have to be a one-man-band and that entails marketing your book too. In this article, we will focus on how to market your book without having to spend too much over it. 

Why marketing matters?  

To answer that in one line: Marketing is the only way to create a market for your book and to establish your personal brand as an author. 

Marketing enables you to establish yourself as a professional, authoritative, and masterful author of [insert genre] books before you actually become one. That’s the beauty of it! All you’ve got to do is live up to the reputation you have manufactured for yourself, by continuously writing terrific stories.

Where to start marketing your book? 

Living in the age of marketing has made the process accessible to everyone. Thanks to the internet, you can now influence your target audience and be the audience to others, all while sitting at home. Social media marketing and influencer marketing allow a level playing field for creatives from all fields. You must create a buzz on the web before you plan to launch your boo. Let’s get into the deets about how to get this done exactly. 


If you had zoned yourself out to finish writing, you should get back to the grid and on to the web and announce to the world that you are done writing your masterpiece!  

If you don’t have a presence on any one of these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, create one immediately! Share your writing experience with people, tell them how it was overwhelming. Get the conversation going. It takes two to tango, right? So, along with your own tweets, FB posts and Insta stories, who’re you going to keep this conversation going on with? These guys:

  • Authors: If you have author friends already, great! Start interacting with them on Twitter. We recommend Twitter because writers and readers are highly active there and they talk a lot about books and writing. So there is a lot to learn, share and plug-in your book! Your entry point can be daily trends like #WritersCommunity #WritersChat and #AmWriting 
  • Influencers: Influencer marketing is huge these days. You don’t even have to ask the  “influencer” to blatantly say nice things about your book. Having a picture of your book in their hands will do the trick. A great way to reach millions of people, a chunk from that lot is gullible to the influencer’s behavior. Higher the influencers, higher the cost. Choose wisely.  
  • Book bloggers: Let’s call them influencers for geeks. Book bloggers keep their readers updated about the latest book reviews, upcoming releases, and author interviews. If you can work out a deal, try to feature your book in each section across multiple blogs.
  • Interact with your readers: If you are an upcoming author, think about building a readership by building a large base of followers. Stay active on social media, and be nice! Try to understand what people like to read, what are they looking forward to, and bank on it. Engage with them, draw them to click on your profile. Let them see your face, your exciting life, and most importantly your upcoming book. That’s one way to win readership!

Make sure you get the most out of your social media accounts and the interactions and networking opportunities it has to offer. As a writer, coming up with an ingenious content marketing plan can come easily to you. Moving on…

Amazon Promotion Tools 

There are many self-publishing platforms available today, and the best one out there is Amazon KDP. Not only does it provide a seamless self-publishing experience, but it also provides Free Book Promotions and programs on How to promote your books on KDP.

Your aim is to appear on the front page of the Kindle library. You’ll only get to have a slot there for a short period of time, so don’t look at this as a long-term goal.   

Promotion websites 

You should ideally start the promotion work when the book is still in the making. Whenever you get the time off from writing, get going on social media and all your planned publishing platforms. Additionally, take the time out for signing up on book promotion websites. Some of them are free, some will charge you to run publicity campaigns. All that you’ve got to do is fill in the details about your book, sign up, and strike a deal.  

Most of these websites have a huge database of readers, with knowledge of their reading interests and preferences. So they push your book to the target audience through email marketing and direct web promotions. Here’s a huge list of promotion websites you can choose from.   

An attractive cover design

Another great way to market your book is to use the book as a marketing device itself. How? You can get people to like your book even before they read it. That can be achieved by creating a hypnotic cover design. Every detail of the cover should be high-quality and appealing. We already have covered everything you must know about creating stunning book covers

Book trailers

There’s a lot of debate about the efficacy of book trailers. Do they really work? Can you entice words nerds through a short piece of film? Well, definitely! Video is the strongest marketing tool to slide into the feed of people and hook them as they scroll through their social media timelines.  

Both established and indie authors have started to use book trailers, not all of them vouch for its impact though. And it’s understandable. Producing a fantastic book trailer alone can cost you anywhere between 3K – 5K USD, add in more moolah to promote it. The result: it does not, in any way promise returns on the huge amount of investment. 

However, indie authors can still make the most out of book trailers by producing inexpensive trailers, without compromising on quality. Just keep the aesthetics in mind. Check out existing trailers, here’s a tacky trailer and here’s a fantastic one. Hire a video editor to do this. Find an affordable one to create a minimalistic, short length trailer. That won’t cost a lot for sure! Promote it yourself across the media where you are active. If you’re doing social media right, be assured, it will reach far and wide!  

How much to spend on marketing?

The more you spend on marketing, the better are the chances of higher sales. It’s as simple as that! For all the methods discussed in this article, a small budget of about $1000 USD should be enough. But we have only scraped the surface of marketing in this article. There’s a whole lot more of marketing practices indie authors apply as they progress. 

Strategies like SEO for book marketing, using metadata for selling more books, book launches, strategic pricing, and promo kits are advanced aspects that deserve intensive articles of their own, which we will be featured on our blog soon. So, watch this space for more!