You don’t need any pre-qualification for this because if you’re here you’re probably one of the 15 stages of writing a dissertation yourself.

Let’s jump right into it.


1) Optimism par all

The glass isn’t half full or empty at this stage, it’s basically overflowing with all your positivism. You feel completely in control of the situation, and map out the entire process right down to the last dot. But then…


2) Procrastination

Obviously. The deadline isn’t for another two months. There’s plenty of time to get things done. What were you saying about *insert random person’s name*’s party again?


3) When’s the submission?

You vaguely remember something about having to complete and submit a dissertation. You try to inquire about the same, but odds are your friends are going to be as foggy about it as you. However, you decide enough is enough.


4) Let’s Brainstorm

So you start halfheartedly brainstorming. You try to look up different topics, wondering what would be the easiest to write on. You ask your friends if they have any ideas, who suggest partying. Which leads to —


5) More Procrastination

You partying. You sleep after because your body needs to. Your dissertation cannot be affecting your health and social life; until of course, it does.


6) Checking chores off the list

The sight of those undone to-do lists are starting to make your insides squirm with guilt. You know that the submission is nearing, and you’ve avoided your Professor’s calls one time too many. In an attempt to ease your conscience, you do everything from laundry to grocery shopping to babysitting the neighbor’s cat instead.


7) Overestimating your abilities

Now that the dissertation is due in barely four weeks, you know you have to start working. You find those to-do lists and revise them with new and mostly unachievable targets. But you’re pumped. You tell yourself you can do it, because you’ve got no other choice.


8) What Do I Even Do?

With a fresh new bout of determination coursing through your veins, you open a file on Microsoft Word to type that award-winning dissertation. But the only thought that occupies your mind is, “What Do I Do Now?” You can’t make head or tail of the instructions, and for the most part you’re flopping around like a fish on land.


9) Start Writing

With a little help (and lots of yelling) from your guide, you’re able to get started with your dissertation. At long last. So it goes well for a while, but as they say; all good things come to an end.


10) Refreshing

Now that you’ve made some headway with your work, your (over)confidence nudges you to take a break. It’s alright, one little episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S isn’t going to hurt anyone. Or another. And another.


11) Panic

The eleventh hour is so far gone you don’t even have time to be ashamed of yourself. You’re hurriedly ‘citing’ from all over and having a low-key breakdown in general. Get help, because you’ve still got a dissertation to finish.


12) Calling in the troops

At some point you will start channelizing your panic of failure into productive activities. You start gathering all the resource materials you can, and for the most part have a minimum of 10 tabs open on your screen and at least 3 reference books around you.


13) Rage Mode: On

The Incredible Hulk within you has been triggered, and you’re not going to stop smashing at your keyboard till you’re done. It gets harder as an ESL student because you have to make sense of the language before you can make sense of what it’s trying to tell you! And then there are words that sound the same but don’t mean the same thing and words spelled differently that mean the same thing. But nothing will stop you. Not today.


14) Trying to edit and proofread

That fleeting second of ecstasy from typing in the last word is quickly replaced with the dread of editing and proofreading. You barely managed to type the whole thing in the first place, now you have to read and check for mistakes and formatting and so on.

Or you can take a break (well-deserved this time!) and hand over all your editing worries to PaperTrue!


15) Lifting your last finger to submit

When the golden hour of submission arrives, it’ll find you hiding in a dark corner of your room barely able to click ‘Send’. But you do, and you go to sleep just as you dreamed of doing all week.


Writing a dissertation can be tough and the process of editing and proofreading it even tougher. It doesn’t have to be, if you know how to handle it. Make the smart choice. Choose PaperTrue. You don’t even have to take our word for it, try it for yourself with our free sample edit!