2018 was another busy year for us at PaperTrue. This meant our team did a lot of pruning of words, sentences, and paragraphs to neatly straighten out Manuscripts, Dissertations, Theses, Magazines, Legal documents, Website content, Comics, Resumes, Cover letter, and it goes on. If it’s written work sent our way, we improve it to its ultimate form.  

Let’s take you through some of the monumental shifts and landmarks we reached in the year that passed.


  1. Expanded The Team by 30%

With a massive increase in our client base and the regular ones latching on to their favorite editors for their work, we realized it was time to get more grammar gurus and book geeks onboard the mothership.

We’ve got plenty of experienced editors who took no time getting comfortable with how we work; understanding the customer requirements and meeting the promised deadlines to ensure that all documents are delivered on time.    


  1. Introduced 12 Hour Turnarounds

Our aspiration has always been to cater to your documents with the utmost care and return them to you finished to perfection. Now that we’ve got a bigger crew of editors, we are can achieve this feat under 12 hours.

You don’t need to panic in your last minute scramble, PaperTrue has your back. If you’ve managed to somehow finish that Thesis or Dissertation at the eleventh hour, or a hurried Business Report or any other deadline for written work knocking at the door, We’ve got you covered!

Our editors will revamp it with eloquent wording, fit the content in a neat format and make it a 100% error-free for you overnight.         


  1. Introduced A Referral system

We have also introduced a referral program, wherein you can tell your friends, classmates, and colleagues how awesome PaperTrue is! For every order they place, you win a cashback amount equal to 10% of your order value. After your friend has placed an order with us, you just need to give us the referral details using this link: https://www.papertrue.com/getcash And We will send you the cashback amount within two working days.


  1. Introduced Typesetting and Cover Designing

Many clients who were impressed with our work also had requests for additional services, which we did provide on demand. So we thought why not add these services to our catalog and make the last mile easier for all authors by offering them the complete pre-publishing package.

With Typesetting and Cover Designing added to the existing inventory of Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting you get the prerequisites of publishing all in one place, all included in a single fee!   


So, that’s a round up of all that happened at PaperTrue in 2018. PaperTrue will continue to make strides in providing Optimized Editing & Proofreading solutions for Authors, Writers, and Business Professionals in the years to come! And we shall forever live up to the promise of meeting the highest standard for every order we process.