Industry Insights: PaperTrue works with an e-learning publication.

For six years, PaperTrue has been dedicatedly building trustworthy relationships with students, writers and professionals across the globe. 

In this brief, yet insightful, span of time, we have seen – in addition to our own growth – a rise of the need for editorial services in spaces that generate content. 

Unarguably, the relevance of editorial services increases with the rise of content creation. If the adage “content is king” true, then it indicates that the is a growing culture of making language a crucial part of professional life. 

In this context, PaperTrue has begun initiating tie-ups with organizations that are allied to the publishing service. 


This is an account of one such relationship.


Disclaimer: For the sake of confidentiality, we are not revealing the client’s identity.


PaperTrue recently had the opportunity to work with a prominent e-learning publication based in India. This publication produces technical books and/or guides pertaining to the various parts of

They find and hire writers who are experts in the subject that they want to publish material about. The writers write a draft, they might even work with developmental editors who help them with research, subject matter expertise and overall structure and design of the book. 


They first contacted us via e-mail (through the query portal on our website) and chatted with our customer service department. As a publication, they have had an evident need for editors.

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