Proof, proof, and proof again – there should be no proof that you were once an idiot!

Editing and proofreading all written content that you put out there has become essential in today’s world, what with the trolls lurking at every social media platform. Be it a business pitch you’re making, an essay for college or an email – giving it a once over will always help you erase that one, potentially embarrassing mistake.

Given the rat race the world is today, however, how does one make the time to edit and proofread? Sleep deprivation, the promise of a social life and the temporary elation from having written something are just one of the many things that could hinder the process.

And I don’t have the required skill set (minor detail).

Freelance editors and proofreaders have been known to take you for a ride, and it’s easy to be ripped off on cyberspace. Therefore, the best option for my document and me would be to hire a certified and legitimate online proofreading service.

Simple, quick and easy, right? Wrong. How do I hire the best online proofreading service for my needs when there are so many out there?

Just look out for a few things.


1) Experience and Qualification

While hiring an employee, you take a look at their resume to assess their experience and qualifications in order to choose the best.
Similarly, while hiring an online proofreading service, it’s essential to know what your proofreader can do for you. Does the proofreader have a good command of the English language? Is the proofreader well-versed with digital proofreading and the various formats? Do they have any formal training?

There are various questions to be asked, and you need to make sure you’re asking the right ones.


2) Communication

Which of course, brings us to communication. When it comes to an online proofreading service, you need to be able to communicate with them clearly and consistently.

Of course, that doesn’t by any means warrant replies at 3 a.m – but you get the general idea. You need to be able to convey your exact requirements and expectations of the service. Even a small detail could make a perceptible difference to your entire document.

Therefore, pick a proofreading service that is approachable enough lest you have any unanswered queries.


3) Breadth of service being offered

Proofreading is essentially a very streamlined process, and involves the correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, etc. It is the clinical correction and polishing of your document, and typically takes place at the very end.

It’s possible for you to get unwittingly misled since editing and proofreading often tend to cross paths. It is important to note the difference between editing and proofreading and be very sure of the type of service you’re expecting.


4) Turnaround time

If writing the document has swallowed half your life, proofreading it will definitely eat up the rest.  Since it is a time-consuming process of sorts that requires the proofreader to comb through your document to delete errors, it’s best to be absolutely clear about the time involved.

Speaking of which, did you know that PaperTrue now offers 12-hour turnarounds? Visit our website to learn more!


5) Cost

Last but hardly the least, how much is this going to cost is probably the question you’re going to ask first. There are a lot of factors to be considered as far as pricing is concerned. Pay attention to the complexity of work being offered to you and base the rationality of the price off it.

A lot of online proofreading services offer discounts, free sample edits, revisions and more. But don’t let yourself settle for a half-baked proofreading job just because the price seems low. Avail that sample edit – you’ve really got nothing to lose!

So there you have it, a list that you can check against whilst looking for a proofreader. It’s hardly a comprehensive list, but we’re sure you’ll work your way as you start getting more aware. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for verified customer review platforms such as Google Reviews to get a better idea of the service’s credibility. In the big, bad world of typos out there, it’s hard to find a qualified and trustworthy online proofreading service.

To get you started, however, why not take a look at the free sample edit PaperTrue’s editing and proofreading service has to offer?