Remember those lists you made at the beginning of the semester, detailing your various plans to achieve ultimate success?

Well, if you find yourself unable to recall those – we’ve still got some ideas for you to end this semester right!


1) Recommit

It’s not too late to flip those grades around. Seriously. Remind yourself of those self-promises made in the beginning, and do not gentle into that good night!


2) Prioritize

Sam’s party or tomorrow’s test? It’s up to you to choose what’s better for you, but keep in mind the consequences of your actions.


3) Take advantage of the ‘awkward hours’

You know those awkward hours between classes where you’re not sure what to do? Now you can be, simply by planning a little ahead. Close to home? Go do a little laundry (or better still, regain some energy with a little nap!). Near the grocery? Get some shopping done. Confused about a topic or simply need brownie points? Go meet the professor. I mean, the list is endless!


4) List every.last.thing down

There are just too many things going on when one is on a college campus. Club meetings, rescheduled classes, assignment submissions, social events, blah blah blah! If your memory isn’t the sharpest (or even otherwise), maintaining lists of important deadlines will go a long way in helping you out.


5) Find the perfect place to work

A cozy bed in a softly lit dorm isn’t the ideal spot to work, as much as your brain might try to convince you otherwise. Find a place with minimal distractions but more stimulation, in order to find yourself inspired yet motivated to work. The library would seem like a prime spot, but parks and cafes could make for nice study spaces too!


6) Set little targets

If you could forget a list once, you can forget it again. If your list hold unachievable goals, you can be sure it’s a ‘To-do but mostly won’t-do’ list. Start small, keep it simple, and up your game slowly.


7) Connect with professors

Talking to your professors is about more than study material. Sure, they could help you prepare much better for exams, but a good rapport with your professor could easily translate into excellent recommendation letters, good industry contacts (with respect to your field), summer project opportunities, and a lot more!


8) Health is wealth – for real.

You’re not a machine, and no grade is worth your health. Being on top of your semester doesn’t have to mean working relentlessly. Know when to stop and take a break, they’re more important than you know. To ensure you don’t overshoot it though, limit yourself by demarcating it in terms of activities (such as lunch with a friend, a movie/an episode, etc.).

We know it’s easier said than done, but personalize these steps to suit your routine and you’ll find yourself in a much better place. Hang in there a few weeks more, and you might just have more to celebrate this winter!