PaperTrue is as busy as ever editing and proofreading for our clients from around the globe. Our success is much thanks to our dedicated base of patrons and we want to take a moment to give something back. So today, we are happy to introduce our referral program! 


The referral program is our way to reward our devoted customers! Here’s what you get when you refer your friends to PaperTrue: 

You pay less 

Whenever a friend orders from your link, they get a 10% discount on all editing services at PaperTrue. 


Receive a cashback 

There’s something in it for you too! When they shop using your link, you get 10% on your next order. No frills like bonus or reward points. 10% cash, back in your bank account! 



And that’s what makes it a lucrative program for everyoneyou and your friends save up money and we make new friends along the way. 


How this works: 


  1. Visit our page on ReferralCandy to generate your personal referral code.
  2. Encourage your friends to try PaperTrue’s premier online editing services by sharing your referral code through social media.  
  3. Enjoy discounted prices and cashback. 


As easy as that! 

What are you waiting for? Spread the love!