How Much Does Self-Publishing Cost?

  • calenderApr 04,2022
  • calender6 min read

The most daunting part of self-publishing is the upfront costs that are involved. How much should a self-published author expect to spend?

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: Which is Better?

  • calenderSep 23,2021
  • calender5 min read

There are plenty of variables to consider: book rights, creative control, author earnings, time investment, industry trends, and so on.

How to Copyright Your Book?

  • calenderJun 10,2021
  • calender5 min read
Book Copyright

What is a Book Copyright Page?

  • calenderJun 02,2021
  • calender5 min read
book cover design

Book Cover Design: An Introduction

  • calenderMar 11,2021
  • calender5 min read

Read about book cover design and what it is in this introductory article.

A person climbing the steps that lead them to getting self-publishing. This represents PaperTrue's step-by-step guide to self-publishing.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing

  • calenderAug 01,2019
  • calender5 min read

By the end of this article, you’ll be convinced that writing and publishing a book is well within your reach and you can do it entirely yourself (well, almost entirely). Read on… 

A closed book that reads "You can judge a book by its cover."

7 Parts of a Bestselling Book Cover Design

  • calenderSep 14,2018
  • calender5 min read

One deciding factor in making a book a best-seller—out of the thousands available at a bookstore—is its book cover design. So, what ideas for book covers can you use to captivate any reader who comes knocking?

How to Copyright Your Book?

If you’ve thought about copyrighting your book, you’re on the right path.

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