white labeling

White Label Editing and Proofreading Services Explained

  • calenderAug 19, 2022
  • calender5 min read

Under white label editing and proofreading, a company hires another to edit a variety of documents. Meanwhile, they design the service according to their brand guidelines and company identity.


5 Screenplay Editing Tips for a Top-Notch Script

  • calenderJun 03, 2022
  • calender5 min read

All your favorite screenplays become masterpieces after their 10th or 12th draft. Here are 5 screenplay editing tips to get you started.

What is Proposal Editing and Why is it Important?

  • calenderOct 29, 2020
  • calender5 min read

What is proposal editing and why is it necessary to get your business proposal edited? Read to find out.


Why Is Editing Important For Content Marketing?

  • calenderSep 29, 2020
  • calender5 min read

Why is editing necessary in content marketing? Read this article to find out.

B2B content and readabillity

Writing Content to Achieve a Higher Readability

  • calenderSep 17, 2020
  • calender5 min read

If your domain is niche and producing appealing content is hard, paying attention to how you write and organize content is the most reliable game changer. 

How does refining style and clarity help B2B companies?

  • calenderAug 11, 2020
  • calender5 min read

How does refining style and clarity help B2B companies?

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Copywriter

  • calenderJun 16, 2020
  • calender5 min read

What do you need to consider while hiring a copywriter? Find out here.

Why Does a Business Need a Stylesheet?

  • calenderJun 10, 2020
  • calender5 min read

A stylesheet can ensure that all of your business documents are consistent. Click here to read more about how it can help your business.

Industry Insights: Proofreading Tips for A Business

  • calenderJun 05, 2020
  • calender5 min read

Writing is a crucial part of professional life, regardless of your field. Which is why it’s is important your business have a proofreading protocol.

How to Copyright Your Book?

If you’ve thought about copyrighting your book, you’re on the right path.

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