The English language is arranged with confusing grammar rules. Whether you’ve been composing essays in college for months or just entering high school English courses, there are a handful of typical errors which can land you in a soup. Correct grammar is essential for effective communication, both spoken and written. […]

5 commonly confused grammar rules

It isn’t easy to fix common ESL grammar mistakes irrespective of whether they’re verbal or written. But the first step to doing so is identifying where you’re going wrong. Awareness is half the work done.  Even native English speakers struggle with grammar rules sometimes – especially since these ‘laws’ keep […]

Common ESL Grammar Mistakes + How to Fix Them

Commas help you to create a pause or introduce a necessary break within a complex sentence. While comma usage is governed by some rules, this still remains a predominantly grey area based on context. Why is the usage of a comma so important, you ask? Consider this (literally) fatal error, […]

The Curious Case Of Common Comma Mistakes