Look up “MEAL Plan” on a search engine and it would yield results for all sorts of nutrition plans and alternatives. Unless you put some other writing-related keywords in the search bar, you won’t see results about a framework perfected by Duke University, which goes by the same name. The […]

Effective Paragraphing: The MEAL Plan

Academic writing assignments come in many shapes and forms; essays, research papers, term papers, analysis essays, informative essays, position papers. All these assignments have the same goals and principles. But to students, they appear to be specially designed torture instruments. It’s mostly because of the tedious citations & referencing rules […]

The Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Academic Writing

Writing is a time-consuming process. That’s why many turn to Ghost-writing as an easy way out. More so, if you want to make your writing impactful. Now, consider writing a book, well received by critics and loved by readers. Or an insightful, SEO optimized web article. Or a biography, which […]

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