It all boils down to this. Your final piece of study – the dissertation. The most crucial requirement for your academic career is an arduous task to accomplish. It requires you to undertake an extensive programme of reading and research, demonstrate your intellectual independence and originality, engage in interpretation and comparison of a substantial body of data. On top of it all, you must present it in a precisely formatted document which offers the results of your research in a clearly written, academically argued, logically structured and properly referenced form.


So yeah, there is a lot you’ve got to do before you turn it in. That’s why many tend to freeze as they begin the onerous task of writing a dissertation. There is just so much to do! Where does one begin? How to arrange the data? Are my findings relevant? Will it be complete before the deadline? Take a deep breath. Slow down a little. It’s all going to turn out better than you imagined.


All you have to do is follow a system. We have compiled a checklist, which will serve as your reference guide for what makes an ideal dissertation. Take a look –  


Abstract: Does the abstract effectively convey the background, aim, methodology, and results of your research?

Referencing: Do your references and in-text citations follow the format prescribed in your style guide?

Thesis Statement:  Is the entire text faithful to the thesis statement of your dissertation? Have you removed all digressions from the text?

Literature Review: Does your dissertation present the current and relevant body of knowledge on the topic you’ve chosen to analyze?

Analysis: Are the arguments in your analysis concise, precise, and comprehensible to the readers? Have you substantiated all your arguments with solid examples?

Conclusion: Does the conclusion condense your research findings and the implications of the study in a short, structured chapter?

Formatting: Have you followed the prescribed formatting guidelines of your style guide?


This checklist was created by our dissertation editors who have years of experience working on diverse areas of research papers. Following this checklist will help you draw together issues of theory, method, and methodology and highlight them on your chosen topic. Your dissertation will be a conceptually and methodologically accomplished piece of work once you accomplish this integration. We hope this makes the process of writing a dissertation simpler & organized for you. PaperTrue wishes you all the best!


PS – We have made an infographic of the same checklist. Keep it handy as you write your dissertation for quick referencing.