Before sending off their book to a publisher, an aspiring author, or any author for that matter needs some honest, constructive feedback. You can always get feedback from your close friends or family, but it will always be from a place of love and bias, with an intention not to hurt you. That makes it inconsequential to the structure of your book and completely overrules the technical aspects. 

PaperTrue has always been at the forefront of helping authors reach their complete writing potential. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of your manuscript and help you engage your target audience with ease and empathy. Our editors assess, critique and edit your document with expertise, giving suggestions to improve your writing (wherever necessary) and doing a line-by-line edit. 

We want to help you take that first step towards a long writing career, and with assurance and ease, without dishonest critique. This is why we welcome writers to send us the first chapter of their ongoing manuscript, finished or unfinished, and we will provide free feedback for the first 1500 words. Our editors will closely look at your document and provide substantive and developmental feedback. This feedback includes:

  • Suggestions to improve plot structure
  • Suggestions in regard to the tone of the novel
  • Advice in terms of the core content of the novel
  • Suggestions to add or change something that will impact the overall tone of the novel in the succeeding chapters

How to submit your document: Write to [email protected] or fill the google form:

[ninja_form id=null] You will receive detailed feedback on your manuscript in — days.


Happy writing!