Writing is a time-consuming process. That’s why many turn to Ghost-writing as an easy way out. More so, if you want to make your writing impactful. Now, consider writing a book, well received by critics and loved by readers. Or an insightful, SEO optimized web article. Or a biography, which the subject dreams the world would read. All these people or organizations who want to publish such material to reach the masses don’t have what it takes – the time, the patience, and most importantly the writing skills.

Enter – Ghostwriters.

Simply put, ghostwriting is the process of writing a book on someone else’s behalf. It has existed ever since man started writing and reading books. In the modern world, ghostwriting is not only limited to books, it’s services have extended to business letters, magazine & web articles, and even music.

If you have a passion for words, a flair for writing and if you can bury your ego and give it to someone else’s credit, you can consider ghostwriting as a serious career option.

Let’s see why novice writers choose to start as ghostwriters:


1) Soaring compensation

Earning is a concern when you write for a living. That’s why most choose to start with writing for others. You’d have to start with a meager pay till you prove your mettle. With time, once you have clients with big names in your portfolio, your cheque could be signed for huge amounts. You can be paid per project, per page or per hour.  


2) Collaborative work

Once you have yourself listed as a ghostwriter (you can list yourself and find projects at upwork ) you get the opportunity to work and write with the who’s who of literary, political and the business world. A rich experience you will seldom get in other fields of work.


3) Networking with influencers

As you collaborate with important clients, you start building a professional network. You create relationships with the industry heavyweights who could help you land bigger deals with clients in the same league.  

It’s surprising that despite being an important service, ghostwriting often gets a bad rep. But the stigma should ring true only when it comes to seasoned authors who hire ghostwriters just so they can dish out more novels from a series to meet the demand or keep it flowing for revenues. It loses authenticity when someone else writes such popular books.  

That apart, ghostwriting is the standard when it comes to writing biographies, speech scripts and more recently, blog articles. It is known and accepted that if you are consuming one of those things it could very well be a product of ghostwriters and not the one who is presenting them.

With social media & the internet, influencers are always trying to put content out there while they are always on the go. Be it books, articles, speeches. They want to keep their followers posted, educate them about their expertise, tell their life stories, inform people about the latest trends.  

To slip into the shoes of a ghostwriter you’d have to heighten some of the skills of being a writer, particularly –



You will win clients as a result of how you receive their ideas and how you want to present them. Let go of any apprehensions you have about the prompts being given to you and be non-judgemental in accepting their ideas and executing them in the way they want. Be impersonal, it’s their story after all.

Immersive listening

Before you start writing, it’s necessary to engage in lots of interaction with your client. Hear them out with all your heart. You have to catch the essence of what they are trying to tell the world. Get into the details of their life, experience, teachings, philosophy, failings, triumphs and bring out the words that will make everyone live that experience.

Ridiculous patience

Patience is virtue of the wise, also, of the ghostwriting guys. The ability to listen and write well, coupled with seemingly endless hours of interactions with the clients, calls for ridiculous amounts of patience. Only then will your work shine in the eyes of the client and that of the readers.


The confidentiality clause is a major part of the contract you will sign with your clients. Even if it’s legally binding, you have to develop strength of character and become more honest and truthful. Like a spy, you don’t let anyone know who you are working for and what’s your assignment.

There is an ocean of opportunities in ghostwriting for budding writers. Hone your skills, build an excellent industry network, and have a fabulous portfolio to pave the path for you to become an established author one day.