Hiring a book editor is not a tough task for all writers. Traditional publishers take care of the editing needs of their signed authors.  Whereas self-publishing authors have to think of so many things before hiring a book editor. Most novice authors don’t even know where to begin with the pre-publishing formalities, editing being the most important.  

Here is a simple exercise to help you make an informed decision about hiring the right editor. You’ll see our take on each question here, but you can write your own quick answers on a piece of paper to check for any personal motivations.  

 Why should I get a book editor? 

Like every film goes through extensive cuts before they’re released, similarly, all manuscripts must go under the red pen to make them short, precise and enjoyable. This makes the book editor an absolute necessity for every writer. That’s a truism of sorts. Here is an article that explains why editing is so crucial for producing a book. And if you think self-editing is a good idea, read this

A quick list of reasons editing makes a world of difference to the quality of a book: 

  • Detailed analysis of the plot, story, and characters 
  • Fix all grammar-related issues 
  • Enhance the readability
  • Check for typos and spelling mistakes 
  • Proofreading to make it entirely error-free

book editor - novel editor

Which editor should I hire?

Before you decide on which individual editor you hire, you must know in what capacity they operate. There are different types of editors; developmental editors, line editors, copy editors, and proofreaders. They all bring specific sets of skills and functions to the manuscript. 

We’ve already covered the types of book editors and what they do in this article.

What qualities to look for in a book editor?

Look out for the following specifics when looking at an editor profile: 

  • The genre they specialize in 
  • Experience 
  • Reviews from other clients 
  • Educational qualification 
  • Turnaround time

Is it the right time to hire one?

You can have a developmental editor on board even before you start writing, they can help you with creating a plot, storyboarding, and drawing out the overall premise of the story you have in mind. Line editors and copy editors should come a little later. Once you’ve written the story half or full.


My budget is tight, how much will this cost me? 

Most self-publishing authors hesitate to hire book editors as it increases the cost factor by manifolds. The skillset they possess is highly specialized and brings immense value to your writing story and the final product, which is your book. 

How much you must shell out depends upon who you hire; their qualification, experience, and pricing method. Some charge hourly, while some charge on word count. For instance, PaperTrue charges on word count.

Don’t worry If you’re too tight on budget, there are other alternatives for editing and proofreading to rely on which won’t cost you a dime! But then there’s no guarantee friends and family can do a job, as good as professional book editors do to your writing. 

Where to find book editors?

The internet has an answer to all your questions, wants, and needs. So that’s always a good place to start. Check the latest list of the best book editors available for hire.

PaperTrue provides editing, proofreading, and formatting – all in a single fee! When you know this, the only question that really matters is “Why look for other book editors, when you have PaperTrue?” 

Happy writing!