What is confidentiality? Why is it important? 

If you trust someone with sensitive information, you would expect them to keep it safe and secure and not leak it where it would be misused or plagiarized. To lock this exchange of information, all companies have a confidentiality clause/contract in their agreement. Confidentiality is a key element in building trust. For example, between a psychologist and a patient, there is doctor-patient confidentiality which is protected even in the court of law. This helps build trust; between employer and employee, between company and client, etc. 

Confidentiality is based on four tenets, according to UK Essays:

  • Respect for an individual’s right to privacy
  • Respect for the human relationship in which personal information is shared
  • Appreciation of the importance of confidentiality to both individuals and society
  • Expectations that those who pledge to safeguard confidential information will do so.


How does PaperTrue maintain confidentiality of it’s client documents?

  1. We have a secure connection on our website with encryption.
  2. We limit the access to the customer data and the documents only to the editing and operations department. This ensures that even within the company, sensitive data like legal documents, medical documents, etc., does not go outside the concerned departments. 
  3. We archive the old customer data as well as the documents after a certain amount of time. These include both the documents received from the customer and the subsequently edited documents.  
  4. We also have a secured encrypted communication regarding the documents and movement of documents within the editing and operations department via the OMS, i.e. Order Management System. 

At PaperTrue, we go above and beyond to ensure that all the documents we receive are completely secure and safe. With more than 6 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we make it a point to reassure you of the importance of our confidentiality clause and our strict adherence to it. This is especially crucial for clients who have entrusted sensitive data like legal and medical documents, business contracts, etc.We CARE about our clients and would not give away any confidential information, taking all the necessary measures to protect it. To know more about our editing and proofreading services, visit PaperTrue!