How Editing Benefits Your Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is a massive exercise in patience; requiring research, countless sleepless nights, and mugs of coffee. But editing it is another ball game altogether. How is dissertation editing important in general and how does it benefit your dissertation?

When a professional editor proofreads your dissertation, this is how they improve your dissertation:

Formatting as per academic conventions

Most journals and publications in various fields of research have an established layout for dissertations, and all your professors will insist you write in a fixed format. Instead of wasting time trying to navigate MS Word’s formatting tools and making these mechanical changes, you can let a an editor take care of them.

Proofreading for typos

You will most definitely end up making silly typos, which can’t all be caught by your spell checker. Even if you have a friend reading your dissertation, it is possible that they may miss such mistakes – editors will meticulously scan your dissertation for even the smallest and seemingly insignificant typos.

Grammar and Language Usage

A good dissertation should not only be grammatically correct, but also use words well-suited to academic writing. However, it is difficult to transition to this kind of diction and style, so let an editor go through your document and provide helpful suggestions and alternatives in comment bubbles.


After you finish your dissertation, there is still a chance that you may have wandered off topic in some parts, or accidentally changed the punctuation or spelling (like UK/US or Chicago/MLA variations). A good editor will help you make your dissertation a piece of writing that is gloriously commendable.

We see a culture of collaboration in academia. Even if you are a loner and prefer sitting quietly in a corner and work, having someone to work with has its benefits. You can solve problems more quickly, brainstorming sessions are fun and productive, and you are seldom rendered speechless. A second pair of eyes helps you to get a fresh perspective on your thesis by refining your prose and helping structure it effectively. A good thesis editor will help you answer tricky questions regarding your thesis statement, the content structure of your dissertation and formatting.

Professional editing helps you be a stronger academic writer. When you give your thesis to your professor to edit, they will point out superficial errors and be done with it. An academic edit will be a line-by-line review, with the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word. The corrections and edits that a thesis editor makes will be visible along with the original text, so that you know how your text can be improved.

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