If you’ve thought about copyrighting your book, you’re on the right path. You don’t want to wake up one morning and find out that someone else has completely ripped it off to make their own version, and now no one’s reading your story. We have a definitive guide about book copyright here. Let’s see what it is:


What is book copyright?

It is exactly what it says. When books are published, this right prevents others from replicating your work and selling it (for profit or otherwise) without your consent.


Do I need to copyright my book?

When your book is protected under copyright, it is the legal way of shooing away anyone who wants to replicate your book. This also ensures that this book will remain your original creative work and intellectual property, even after you’ve published it in the public sphere. 

How to get a book copyright? 

To get the copyright for your book, you have to undergo a registration process. But this isn’t the same for every country. We’re going to link you to the processes of three countries in particular:


  1. India – Know how to get your book copyright here.
  1. Enter your valid User ID and Password to login.
  2. Click onto NewUser Registration, if you have not yet registered.
  3. After you login, click on to link “Click for online Copyright Registration”.
  4. Fill the online “Copyright Registration Form”.
  5. After successful submission of the form, Diary Number will be generated.
  6. Your book should be in a PDF format, less than 5 MB.


How to get a copyright for a self-published book in India?


  • Register your book with the ‘Indian Copyright Office’.
  • Make an online application to the same along with a fee of Rs 500.
  • The copyright application should include copies of your final work, identity proof and an information sheet containing details of the work.
  • After your application is complete, a diary number will be generated. Your application will be assessed within 30 days to determine whether it can be rejected or accepted. 


  1. United States – Know how to get your book copyright here. 

Here are the steps to copyright your book in the United States:

  • Go to the copyright.gov portal.
  • On the left box, select “Literary Works”.
  • Navigate to “Register a Literary Work” on the right sidebar.
  • Select either “New user” or login with your account (if you already have one).
  • Navigate to “Copyright Registration” on the left and select “Register A New Claim”.
  • Select “Start Registration”.
  • Fill out the copyright form.
  • Pay the copyright fee of $85 to complete the registration.
  • Submit your finished manuscript to the U.S. Copyright Office.


  1. United Kingdom – Know how to get your book copyright here.


Once you copyright your book, the copyright protection lasts for over 70 years after the author’s death. 


How does PaperTrue ensure that your book copyright page is flawless and error-free?


We understand how crucial it is to get a perfect copyright page so that no one can claim your work from you. Our editors work hard to create a perfect book copyright page. We ensure that it has the right clauses and create it from scratch from our many templates. Find out more about our pre-publishing services here. 


People also ask the following:


  1. How much is a copyright for a book?

The cost of copyright varies from country to country. We suggest you check the sites of each. For example, in the US you will have to pay $85 for a book copyright, in India you’ll have to pay Rs 500 (minimum), and in the UK you’ll have to pay £42.50 for 5 years or £72.50 for 10 years per work. 


  1. Do I need to copyright my book?

Yes, absolutely! You need to copyright your book to retain your creative and legal right over your work. 


  1. How long is a book under copyright?

A book is under copyright for as long as the author is alive, plus 70 years. After that, it’s available to the public domain. 


  1. How can I copyright my book for free?

You have to pay a minimum amount to get your book copyrighted.  In the US, you’ll have to pay $85, in India it’s a minimum amount of Rs 500 per work, and in the UK £42.50 for 5 years or £72.50 for 10 years per work. 


  1. How do I copyright a comic book?

The process for copyrighting a comic book is the same as copyrighting any other book. 


  1. How to copyright a children’s book?

The process for copyrighting a children’s book is the same as copyrighting any other book. 


  1. When to copyright a book?

You can copyright a book before it’s published. 


  1. Should I copyright my book before sending it to a publisher?

There is no need to copyright your book before sending it to a publisher. The publisher will handle the paperwork, and you will own the copyright of your book. 


  1. Are book titles copyrighted?

The book title is part of the book, so it’s copyrighted. 


  1.  Should I copyright my book before sending it to an editor?

No, you do not need to copyright your book before sending it to an editor. It should suffice to do it right before print and publication.


  1. Are self-published books copyrighted?

Self-published books are copyrighted for the same reasons. 


  1. Can you copyright a book after publication?

Copyrighting is part of the pre-publishing process. 


  1. How to copyright a book on Amazon?

Amazon directs you to copyrighting your work on the official site. Copyright your book before sending it to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). 


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