The most demanding task of applying to Universities and Schools for higher education is crafting winning admission essays. Everyone looks for the secret sauce to enhance their essay to create one spectacular, unforgettable piece which serves as your golden ticket to your dream college.

Why do you need to write one?
Let’s first understand the purpose of writing an admission essay. Some schools and colleges provide an essay prompt you have to write on, and some of them don’t need you to write one at all. Clear the test or fill the form and you’re in (Mostly in case of distance learning courses and community colleges).

Top graduate and business schools see thousands of applicants are vying for only a few slots every year. It’s critical that the Admissions Committees (AdCom) learn the most about applicants to narrow down only on the best from the pool of applicants. It goes beyond the admission form to explain your personality, experiences, and perspectives.

Be mindful about what you include in the essay and how you structure it. Our editors share 7 essential tips for writing winning college application essays.

1. Plan your essay
An exceptional essay is not written in a day or even a week. Start early – at least 5 weeks before your deadline. This is serious business, and there’s a lot to do; Creating an Outline, rewriting, deleting the fluff, highlighting the main takeaways, getting feedback, setting it aside for a while to revise it later, having it proofread and edited by professionals.

Yes, it takes all that to write a beautiful essay if you want to get into your dream college.

2. Explain why you are a standout applicant
“Show, don’t tell” remember that snippet from Writing 101? Use it when you’re writing the essay. Beautifully describe to your readers examples that prove you embody certain traits or beliefs.

You can do this by briefly elaborating on how extraordinary achievements led to your personal growth; Any exceptional hardships, setbacks or personal experiences which shaped your personality or academic credentials, work history or community service involvement. Mentioning all this goes a long way to establish you as a credible candidate.

3. Describe how you are a perfect fit for the program
Do your research and understand the core & cultural values of colleges you’re applying for. Then you know what the AdCom is looking for in the new wave of students. We help you naturally incorporate the school’s missions statement in your personal account.

Each particular program looks for certain qualities in the candidates they want to pick. Like an MBA school looks for leadership, teamwork, and intelligence in potential candidates. Medical schools look for students who are headstrong, resilient and dedicated.

4. Keep it short  
You don’t want to exceed the given word limit, the ballpark figure is 500 words. You might think that’s a lot of words to write, but as you finish, you would’ve mostly crossed that limit. So it happens, when you finally get into a good groove of writing it down. You’ll end up writing a lot that’s not needed or doesn’t fit in. Be ruthless with chopping out such unnecessary parts. Our editors do a proper assessment of what stays in a remarkable essay and what gets amended.   

5. Attention-grabbing  opening & closing paragraphs
The AdCom goes through thousands of essays every day, they’ve seen it all. They will only skim through a generic piece and put it aside without giving any second thought about it. Our editors powerfully word the first paragraph in a way that will draw your reader into reading the entire text with full attention and by the last paragraph they’re convinced that you’re the one.  

6. Get Feedback
It’s best to rely on English teachers or an editing service like PaperTrue for detailed constructive feedback. You could also pass around your essay to your confidants in parents, friends, and family. This will help you improve the essay immensely as people who know you also know those facts of your personality which you haven’t added or have overstated in your write-up.

7. Edit and proofread
Even the best writers in the world need an editor to assess their work. A second pair of eyes naturally catches mistakes that you might have missed. Another reader also finds concepts or sections that are unclear. If such errors are detected, our editors rethink the wording and edit sentences for clarification. And you can take us granted for checking spelling, grammar, punctuations, slang and making it 100% error free.