Remember The Daily Prophet? True Harry Potter fans will surely remember the interactive newspaper from the fiction world. Us muggles in the real world are on the path to far exceed the make-believe and innovate creative mediums of consuming books.

This is an exciting time to be alive. We consume brilliant content on social media that we get to feel and touch. Now imagine you truly get to touch and feel characters of a book you like. Interactive ebooks are changing the way we read.



Such books are still in their nascent stage. A lot of work is going on for its development. There is plenty of software already, which allow you to create interactive ebooks. What they are looking for is creatives who will produce and write highly interactive content. Writers have a chance to fill in this void and create beautiful space.


Application of Interactive Ebooks –

1) Learning

With the inclusion of media like videos, sounds and 3D effects for an immersive experience. Such books make the process of learning enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The application of this medium in education has an immense scope.



2) Marketing

Corporates also want to reap the benefits out of interactive ebooks and are investing in its innovation and development. If you get potential customers a feel for products and services, it’s more likely that they would make a favorable decision.



3) Entertainment

Flipping through pages on a digital screen might seem odd. But pages of such books contain videos, dialogues boxes, sounds and calls to action to guide the story in the way you want. This creates a delightful experience, especially for kids.


Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. It has evolved over time. On radio, film, and television. Books have remained the same, even if on the digital platform. They have been all about black & white words to fire up your imagination. Traditionalists will always trust and love the paperbacks and banish other mediums of reading. But interactive ebooks are already out there and being accepted. Are you ready to bank on the rising trend?