So you know what PaperTrue has to offer you in terms of editing and proofreading, and if you’ve been reading enough of our blogs you also have more insights to the language and all of its complex rules.

Today, however, we decided to pick the brains of the person who keeps the entire company together, ensuring that your document is returned to you in no less than a perfect condition while keeping her employees happy all at once.

How does she do it? Today, we take a look at what makes PaperTrue’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Neha Vaidya tick.


What motivated you to take up the job as CEO of PaperTrue?

Before PaperTrue came along, I was a developer in technology. A few years into my first job, I could see the upper management making decisions that I felt I would have handled differently.

I realized that if I had my own firm, I would do things very differently and I felt very strongly about it too. So, in 2010, a bunch of batchmates from engineering and I started our own firm, where I was the technology director or CTO. However, I didn’t want to be confined to technology and wished to explore other aspects of business.

That was when I was approached by Rishi, who was looking for someone to take PaperTrue to the next level. They were on the brink of scaling up and required a fresh perspective, which is where I came in.


Was this always your ambition?

Working in technology was what I’d always wanted. It was only when I started working at all that I realized I wanted much more than a 9-5 job. I wanted to be the driving force of a venture. I wanted to be the decision maker and determine the direction of a company, and so I grabbed the opportunities given to me.


Do you remember the first time at PaperTrue where you did something that made you feel like you were getting a hang of the CEO job?

When I saw that streamlined processes designed by me were actually being implemented was my first ever victory. The rush of seeing even the slightest change you make have an actual impact in terms of website traffic or client conversion is thrilling.   


What would you say is the best aspect of your job here at PaperTrue?

As I mentioned earlier, working in the tech space meant that I largely worked with B2B. Additionally, our firm offered a product as opposed to services, which is why PaperTrue came as a breath of fresh air.

Now I get to explore the world of B2C and provide services as opposed to products. Moreover, I had previously interacted only with management personnel, with limited interaction with the final end users. Here at PaperTrue, watching the direct impact of our editing and proofreading on clients is very motivating.


What were some of the best offers PaperTrue introduced during 2017?  

2017 has seen a lot of major offers such as larger free samples for writer’s documents, or any documents that exceed a certain number of words, free plagiarism checks for all academic documents, an expanded number of referencing styles for academic documents, etc.

We’ve also started a discount program for first-time customers as well opened up our services worldwide!


What was the most challenging situation you encountered during the past year?  

Owing to the nature of our service, maintaining quality is a challenge. Within the service industry, if one of our editors has a bad day, it means that someone’s document could be affected.

Since we do daily deliverables and are a quality sensitive firm, it’s challenging to ensure all clients are satisfied and our editors don’t have bad days.


How do you ensure editors have minimal bad days?

Firstly, with the company scaling up overall, we’ve tried to ensure that most documents get reviewed. This way the two-tier system (of the editors and senior editors) ensures that all errors are caught and corrected. Secondly, we also conduct regular training for skill augmentation and other skill refresher courses for our editors.

Of course, we also try hard to keep everyone motivated, making sure every editor gets work that their skills are tuned to. It’s very important to create a work culture to keep them motivated and happy, not bogged down by the stress of work.


You definitely have a lot of things to be doing, how do you manage your time?

The most important thing when in management is learning to delegate. I’ve groomed all my department heads such that they can manage with a few instructions. It’s also essential to try and keep micromanagement minimal, although one can’t always avoid it.

I would like to also mention the use of productivity tools. I try to have regular interactions with all department heads to make sure all decisions taken are on track.

The fact of the matter is that with any person who has that ‘C‘ in their title, you just can’t  turn off.


How do you deal with any difference of opinion with your subordinates?

The only way to resolve these is to have a rational argument. It should be well thought out, and the opposing party should have data to back-up their argument.

Anyone in the management is always open to the another person’s point of view, as long as it makes sense.

Ideally, it would be great to try and find a middle ground, or at least try and test out one of the ways for a while. We’re always open to rolling back changes or modifying something if we recognize that it isn’t working.  


What do you look for in your employees before hiring them?

We’re constantly looking for fresh talent, and are actively involved in reaching out to elite schools and representing PaperTrue to attract the best talent out there.

I need my editors be obsessed with the English language, nothing else matters more. When it comes to the Sales team, empathy is what I look for. Because we understand what our client’s need. The sales team will have to fight for the client with the operations team and the editors for the best interests of the client.

It’s all about putting themselves in the shoes of the client and give them the best version of our service possible.


A word of advice to those teetering on the edge of hiring our service?

What sets us apart from other online editing and proofreading services is that as a company, every person in the firm is on the client’s side. Their experience, needs, and requirements are the first. Quality is our mantra and we’re obsessed with perfection.


Give us a sneak peek into some of the more exciting things that customers can look forward to in 2018.

Until this year, the only functioning mode of payment was online payment (Paypal/Bank transfers). We have now introduced Stripe as well, since that works the world over.

More importantly, however, the minimum turnaround time for any document has been 24 hours so far. We’re going to start offering 12-hour turnarounds to our customers soon!

It seems for our CEO, who has dedicated about a year and a half to this company, she’s still got a lot to offer and a lot to learn. Nowhere to go but up!