First of all, why is thesis editing important?

We see a culture of collaboration in academia. Even if you are a loner and prefer sitting quietly in a corner and work, having someone to work with has its benefits. You can solve problems more quickly, brainstorming sessions are fun and productive, and you are seldom rendered speechless. A second pair of eyes helps you to get a fresh perspective on your thesis by refining your prose and helping structure it effectively. A good thesis editor will help you answer tricky questions regarding your thesis statement, the content structure of your dissertation and formatting. 

Professionally editing your dissertation, neutralises bias. When you write your thesis, your brain automatically justifies your writing and tricks you thinking that it is fine. When you look at it from someone else’s perspective, it is easier to find small errors like grammar and punctuation. Professional thesis editing also neutralises bias in terms of subject. For example, if you are doing an MA in psychology and are writing a paper on Freud’s methods vs Jean Piaget’s methods. You tilt more towards Freud and that might cloud your rational, objective judgement. Your editor will point out the areas and suggest points to develop much more rounded arguments instead of biased ones. 

Professional editing helps you be a stronger academic writer. When you give your thesis to your professor to edit, they will point out superficial errors and be done with it. An academic edit will be a line-by-line review, with the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word. The corrections and edits that a thesis editor makes will be visible along with the original text, so that you know how your text can be improved. 

A good thesis should be like a smooth journey for the reader, with a definite destination in mind. Each paragraph should build on the previous one until the conclusion. A professor of mine always used to say, “If you can’t imagine dropping the mic at the end of your thesis, you need a stronger conclusion.” A good editor will ensure that your thesis builds up to a resounding crescendo and help build gradual momentum. The editor reviews each paragraph to ensure that it is necessary and adds value to your thesis. 

What does an academic editor do?

A thesis editor ensures that your dissertation is free from any grammatical and punctuation errors. But these are just the superficial things that a thesis editor does. They help you perfect your thesis in terms of content and structure. Do I need to add more in this paragraph? Does this sentence add to my defence? Do these lines correspond to my thesis statement? Should I put this before that? These questions and more are answered by your thesis editor, and they give you thorough suggestions and feedback for improvement.  A good thesis editor will improve your thesis, losing none of the main content. 

Is Thesis editing expensive?

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As a former student of the dissertation drama, I completely empathize with the fact that it is very difficult to find a good thesis editor whose charges are affordable, especially for broke students like me. Most dissertation services are very expensive and completely out of the range for a lot of students. 

But even if thesis editing is expensive, it is worth it to go for it. A good thesis editor will provide professional feedback and suggestions for you to strengthen your thesis and more impactful. Thesis editing is a long-term investment; an asset that will help you secure your future academically. You could always start saving from the very beginning of your course. It does not have to be a huge chunk of your expenses. Most thesis editing services are not that expensive that you cannot fathom even saving up to afford one. 

Plus, there are a variety of dissertation editing discounts available, especially at PaperTrue, where we are committed to bringing out the best in your work. The question of professionally editing your thesis should leave no room for doubt because it is a matter of getting your academic qualifications and passing with flying colours.