Choosing the right journal for publication of your journal article is a major challenge if you are doing it for the first time. Many people submit their articles to the wrong journal and get rejected because of it. Therefore, choosing the right journal increases the chances of the journal accepting your submission. Before choosing a journal, make sure that you give it to a good journal editing company to remove any errors, factual errors and to improve the overall structure of your journal article. Journal editing is crucial to getting your journal submission qualified to be submitted. Without journal editing, it will be a sloppy mess and lessen the chances of reviewers understanding your work.

Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind while selecting a journal:

  • The topics the journal publishes: It’s very important you you look for journals that publishes topics similar to your topic. Start with what you’ve read. If you are already thinking about giving your journal article for submission, you should have read published studies similar to yours. Make a list of all these articles. If the list is too short for you to narrow down from, do literature searches for other published articles similar in their scope and see where they are published

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  • The journal’s audience: Who is the audience? Will they be interested in my study?  Better yet, make a list of journals that cater to the audience that you are hoping to target with your research. Select a journal that completes these criteria.


  • The articles the journal publishes: Reading the papers of journals that you are interested to submit to will help you understand the style and structure of the articles that that it publishes.


  • Research the impact of the journal: Apart from the kinds of articles published in the journal, you also need to check quantitative measures like ‘Impact factor’ ‘Journal rank’, ‘Article influence’ and ‘h-index’. These help determine the impact and influence of the journal, because like anyone else, you want to submit your articles to a credible journal. The higher a journal’s impact factor, the more frequently articles in that particular journal are cited. But this also means that the higher the journal’s impact factor is, the more difficult it is to get your work accepted. Take your time and put in more effort to ensure that your article is perfect for submission. For this, the most important step is getting your journal article edited to rid it of any unfortunate errors, and giving it to a professional editor!


  • Check the journal requirements and distribution: A lot of journals have a preferred style for the kind of articles that they publish. Make sure that your article adheres to the journal’s article requirements. The mode of distribution (print/online) and number of subscribers determine the reach of the journal.


  • Collect information about the journal’s peer review process: Research each journal’s peer review process, which includes:  stature of reviewers, objectivity, and timelines.


  • What are your personal requirements: Does the journal usually publish articles quickly? Do you want your article to be published immediately or can you wait?


  • Check the ‘instructions for authors’ thoroughly: There is an “Instruction for Authors” section that one must keep in mind before they submit their journal article. This section will include : topics that are welcome and discourage, page limit, etc. Make sure that you read this section thoroughly to understand the goals and scope of the journal, which will determine the goals and scope.

Additionally, here are some questions you should find answers to:

  1.  Is the journal’s peer review process closed or open?
  2. How are the different publication criteria weighted?
  3. How long is the submission process?

So there you have it! Make sure that you check off all these items from your journal pre-submission list and you are on your way to get your first journal article published. Visit PaperTrue to know more about our journal editing process and place an order with us!