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        PaperTrue’s Language Trivia | From the Editor’s Desk

        • calenderJul 15, 2022
        • calender 3 min read

        Answer these questions to test your knowledge of the English language.

        Select one of the four options and then refer to the answer bank below to check how many you got right. No cheating!

        1. How many English words did William Shakespeare invent?

        2. Which of the following was once a part of the alphabet?

        3. Which of the following has a rhyming word?

        4. What is the dot on “i” and “j” called?

        5. What is the most commonly used noun in English?

        6. When was proofreading first used?

        7. Which of these letters was almost dropped from the alphabet?

        8. The English alphabet once had ___ letters.

        9. When was the singular pronoun “they” first used?

        10. Which of the following letters makes up 11% of the entire English language?

        Selected all the answers? Time to check your score!

        Answer Bank

        Question 1: 1,700

        Question 2:

        Question 3: Beige

        Question 4: Tittle

        Question 5: Time

        Question 6: 15th century

        Question 7: H

        Question 8: 27

        Question 9: 14th century

        Question 10: E


        How many did you get right? Comment down below to share your score.

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