If you’re new to the world of academia, we wouldn’t be surprised if its tedious processes baffle you. Yes, once again, we are talking about citations and references. As time progresses, you may have noticed that many professors may tell you to use different styles. Why is this the case? That’s what we are about to find out.

From commonly known styles like APA to specific ones like OSCOLA for law, there are numerous styles that cater to the specifics of each kind of research.

Different organizations, publications and universities have come up with different styles, each specific to disciplines.

These styles have been around for decades, each has become prevalent in its own use. Different across disciplines, publications and university. Researchers often stick to one, and are reluctant to try another.

Each citation includes details such as the name, author, publication details, etc. But what really differs is the order in which they are arranged.

This changes according to what the research wants to highlight.