At PaperTrue, we are always working hard to make it easier for you to find us and use our services. In that spirit, we have some good news for old friends, and better for new ones!

For documents below 3,500 words, we are permanently dropping our prices by 30%! I’ll say it again: you can submit ANY document below 3,500 words for the newly reduced price. And here’s why you should care. You can now submit short pieces of writing, including essays, short stories, poetry, abstracts and proposals, and screenplays. But that’s not all. Now, you also have the option of sending in your book in installments or chapters. 

If you’ve ever thought about sending us your writing, but often wonder if you don’t have enough yet, there’s no better time than now to actually send us the little you do have. Fiction or nonfiction, academic or creative, you can steadily send us your manuscript in pieces. So sit back, work on your piece peacefully, without forcing yourself to complete it and heave a sigh of relief: because this way, we can work on your excerpts diligently, with a lot more attention.

Are you a student looking for a helping hand, only to be bogged down by absurd prices? Look no further. At these affordable prices, all your academic writing worries are ours to bear. Whether it’s a class assignment, or that lingering last term paper, or the huge daunting dissertation that will pave the way to your degree, PaperTrue is at your side every step of the way.  

Or perhaps you’re a business or blogger that needs to write, but you don’t have a whole lot and don’t want to pay a whole lot just to get some short documents edited. Not anymore! You can even send in single blogs and articles to be edited at once without draining the pockets of your accounts department. Now, more than ever, you get the value for your money.

We are very excited for this venture, and as for all you budding writers out there, we’re hoping it makes PaperTrue and our services more accessible than ever. And if you thought things couldn’t get better than this, you should perhaps head on over to our website for a free sample edit!