After you’ve successfully written your paper, there’s just one last step in your path to the perfect score: a plagiarism check. It may seem easier to go through some dodgy free checker on the internet, but why would you? That might look like a cheaper and maybe even a foolproof (ha!) route, but here’s the truth: they suck; there are smarter options.

Voila! Here’s SwiftPlag: the world’s most intelligent plagiarism checker. Your sure-fire way to ensure academic credibility. Not convinced yet, are you? Spare me just a couple of minutes.


100% Accuracy

You may not realize that free checkers don’t actually cross-check with the plethora of sources that are used in academic work, especially when you consider how easy it is to disguise yourself on the internet. Sources on these checkers are usually limited to the few popular ones that will show up on the first couple of pages on your novice Google search.

Unlike free checkers, SwiftPlag cross-checks the originality of your work with 90 billion sources, including the World Wide Web. This includes digital libraries like JSTOR and Taylor & Francis, as well as websites, news outlets, and many other online sources.

So why even bother taking the risk? With SwiftPlag at your side, no source is too obscure. As long as it’s legit, obviously. That’s on you.


Safe, Secure and Confidential

If you’re worried about your running your document through the internet in fear that it may get registered, you don’t have to. Anything uploaded on SwiftPlag is 100% safe and confidential.
There is no chance of your document being recorded or shared as a source on the internet for future checks.


Instant Results

How do you get your paper checked on SwiftPlag? Through just 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload your document,
  2. The software starts and completes its check,
  3. You get a full report of what you have plagiarized (kudos, if you haven’t!).

Moreover, the final report also provides you the sources of where you have plagiarized from so that you can add it to your existing references.

Easy-peasy, right?


swiftplag: the world's most intelligent plagiarism checker


I don’t have to tell you the importance of making sure your work stays galaxies away from the deep, dark world of plagiarism. Many universities, irrespective of the level or length of your work, unfailingly recommend plagiarism checks. In fact, if your teachers have told you to run your document through a checker, now’s the time to take up that advice.

With SwiftPlag’s state of the art resources, don’t look elsewhere! So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the SwiftPlag website, and get a free sample report now!