Writing an essay is not difficult once you have all your sources in place, with a nice cup of tea, and a clear idea of where you want the essay to head. But you’ve got to be careful while re-reading your essay and keep a lookout for tiny grammatical errors, structuring it again, any facts you might have missed, any details you think are unnecessary. Before sending off your essay to a professional editor who will help steady the rocky boat (the intensity varies) that is your essay, these essay editing tools will keep it from violently swaying. 

#1 Hemingway

The Hemingway Essay Writing tool works to make your writing more clear. It:

  • Color codes your text to show you any sentences that are hard to read.
  • Gives you suggestions for simplifying sentences.
  • Does a last-minute check to significantly increase your level of writing.

#2 Grammarly

Grammarly is a good tool for essay editing, and finding problems with spelling and grammar.

  • It uses the Oxford comma rules, which is perfect for student essays and papers.
  • It also offers you the option to work in American or British English.
  • The free version helps you avoid common grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • The paid version helps you achieve better sentence structure, looks for repetitive phrasing, and helps you clarify your writing.

#3 Cliche Finder

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Writers use cliches to express themselves, and one or two become the writer’s trademark. Cliché Finder will alert you when you tend to use a lot of cliches. This site can help you rescue your content from becoming trite.

#4 Google Docs

Google Docs offers a convenient online platform to make sure you never lose another word while writing your essay. You can also add a host of free add-ons to improve your writing and check spelling and grammar as you go. Your document will also be available to edit anywhere, on your smartphone or computer.

#5 Typewrite

Typewrite is a good essay editing tool, which will help you share what you wrote with others. This collaborative writing tool helps others to critique, edit, and proofread your work. It is a simple site that gets several things done, and even convert the text to HTML when the need arises.

#6 ProWritingAid

ProwritingAid is perfect if you want a thorough analysis of your content.

  • It will even check for plagiarism, if you pay for it.
  • It helps you correct your grammar and punctuation errors.
  • It is free to use for 19 drafts and fewer features.

#7 Mindnode

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Mindnode is a  tool that helps you organize your thoughts and work through concepts and ideas. It helps you:

  • Develop an effective outline for your essay.
  • Insert coherence and logic into your essay.
  • Develop your ideas and give you direction.

#8 Evernote

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Evernote allows you to:

  • Keep notes, capture screenshots, and organize your ideas.
  • Save your folders online and access your research from anywhere. 

#9 Dragon Dictation

You can quickly write your entire essay simply through speech on the Dragon Dictation app. Even if you’ll have to go through it again to refine it, the app will help you get there faster if you already have a loose idea of the structure in your head. A cool feature of the app is that it helps you work with other apps.  

#10 PaperRater

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PaperRater will check your spelling and grammar, but it has an added feature: it also provides you with a score if you provide your educational level. It also:

  • Compares your paper to thousands of other students who are at the same grade level as you.
  • Provides a good final option for reviewing your writing and making sure it’s polished and ready for submission.

After you’ve written a killer essay with the help of these tools, send it over to our experienced editors at PaperTrue!