Are you looking for an editor to hone your fiction manuscript? Do you find yourself making the difficult choice between freelancers and professional editors? We’ve compiled a list of the top fiction manuscript editing services.

1. Scribendi 

Established in 1997 in Canada, Scribendi is one of the most reputed editing and proofreading firms in the world. While they have expert editors specializing in a variety of document types, they also have in-depth editing services for book manuscripts. Whether it’s a fiction or a non-fiction book that you want to be reviewed, their packages focus on providing customised advice and critical feedback catered to your genre and writing style. 

For a manuscript of 10 000 words, they charge $128 upwards, depending on their turnaround time. 

You can check out their services here. 


2. PaperTrue 

PaperTrue is an editing and proofreading company with offices in USA, Singapore and India. They work with all types of documents written in the English language including dissertations, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, screenplays, and even business documents. 

They are known for their thorough editing and in-depth feedback system that allows writers to hone their writing and improve the quality of the overall draft. In addition to proofreading and editing services, PaperTrue has also has end-to-end publishing services, cover aspects like typesetting, cover design, ebook formatting, compiling the copyright page, getting ISBNs, etc. This means writers can get their post-editing processes sorted in one place, enabling a smooth publishing journey. 


3. First Editing 

With a goal of “transforming writers into authors”, First Editing Services is a team of professional editors committed to finetuning research and fiction manuscripts so they are ready for publishing. Depending on your need and your budget, they have options for different levels of editing, which you can choose from. From line-editing to developmental editing, they work personally with the authors to bring your manuscript up to industry standards. 

They work across all timezones and are available 24/7. 

They even provide a free sample, in case you have any jitters committing to a professional editor. You can check that out here.