You cannot begin a paragraph without the point that you are hoping to prove in the subsequent paragraphs. Just like we did with this one. Generally, every paragraph should begin with a ‘topic sentence’. But what is it and why is it so named? Let’s find out!

What are topic sentences?

Topic sentences are described as sentences that identify the main idea of the paragraph. They also:

  • State the main point that the writer wishes to make.
  • Express the paragraph’s overall subject.

What should it contain?

  • The main idea and point of the paragraph.
  • The supporting details in the paragraph.

How to write a strong topic sentence?

You don’t need to write them in order; first, or last. There are some points that you should keep in mind when you develop them:

– Write a thesis statement
It will be easier to write topic sentences throughout your essay if you have a strong thesis statement.

– Make an essay outline
It is ideal to make an outline of your paper/essay so that you know what you want to say in every paragraph.

– Expand with evidence
You should expand your topic sentences with evidence, examples, and your argumentation.

– Refine your topic sentences
It’s important to revise topic sentences as you write.

Topic sentences as transitions between paragraphs

  • Add transition words to your topic sentences so that it’s easier to show the connections between your ideas.
  • Use topic sentences to summarize and anticipate.

Forms of Topic Sentences

  • Complex sentences. Topic sentences that are at the beginning of the paragraph are often combined with a transition word from the previous paragraph.
  • Questions. For eg: “Does Hamlet’s obsession with revenge rest on an unfulfilled desire of acceptance from his father?” You can write the remaining paragraph as an answer to this question.
  • Bridge sentences. Bridge sentences can act as substitutes for more formal sentences which indicate both what came before and what comes next, without being too formal.
  • Pivots. When topic sentences come in the middle of the paragraph, they are termed as pivot.

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