At PaperTrue, we know how difficult it can be to go through the ordeal of a lengthy publication process. Our faith in our clients’ quality of work assures our 100 percent dedication in honing your craft. With that thought, we have some news about our services!

 Additionally, we are also introducingTypesetting and eBook conversion services a new division, TrulySet, that caters to all your publishing needs. We know how difficult it can be to get published. We know that vulnerable expression is an act of courage in itself, we know how challenging it is to get your work accepted, to find an agent, to rise up to the exclusive standards of the publishing industry. Therefore, TrulySet, as a reliable way for your work to see the light of day, will be your strongest ally throughout your journey.

Like PaperTrue, TrulySet guides you through the mammoth task of editing and proofreading your piece, no doubt. But also the nitty-gritty (but equally important) aspects of getting your book ready in top-notch shape for the market. Typesetting, Cover Design, ISBN and copyrights, review and blurb writing. By seeing you through all these technical and logistical steps, we are your strongest ally. With us handling all these technical and logistical details, it is in our interest to make sure that you can devote your time to writing rather than worrying yourself with administrative issues that will only weigh you down. Moreover, you can publish with us (as PaperTrue).  

      Cover designing servicesTrulySet, is also set to break new grounds; unlike other online publishing platforms, who’re all about taking royalties from clients, we don’t intend to take a single penny from that share. We believe that part belongs to you and only you: The writer! No hidden costs involved in the services we provide whatsoever.


What’s more? We also assist you in marketing the books you have published with us. Once your order goes through our digital assembly line, our marketing team will get busy with promoting your book.

ThiISBN servicess involves carrying out a personalized email campaign, promotion on our blog and across all our social media platforms. 

All of these services bundled up for a single fee and no extra/hidden cost is really a deal we excavated from sacred writer’s ground. We’re truly set (pun intended) on the promise of delivering a seamless experience to all self-publishing authors.