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        Types of Essays

        • calenderJan 19, 2021
        • calender 5 min read

        The idea of writing an essay sounds boring. But a well written essay with statistics, facts, interesting transitions, and a great subject will generate a lot of interest in whoever is reading it for the first time, or even in yourself, if you want to come back to it later for reference.  A good place to start while writing an essay is to figure out what kind of essay is it going to be.  Here are the most common types of essays that you should look into:

        #1 Narrative Type of Essay

        A narrative essay is a more personal piece of writing with your point of view being made clear for your reader. These essays can be stories or sometimes called “creative non-fiction”. A narrative type of essay also requires a clear structure, which is: introduction, body, and conclusion. While it is quite common for them to be written from the standpoint of the author, it is not compulsory.

        You should write a narrative essay when you want to present facts and your opinion about them. For example, you might write an essay on a though-provoking incident that happened to you recently and what you felt about it.

        #2 Argumentative Essay or Persuasive Essay

        These types of essays are similar to expository essays but are usually a lot more in-depth, with well-researched data to back up the points you want to present. An essay like this will also require you to address the main points which may oppose your stand on an issue or topic.

        For example, if you’re writing a persuasive type of essay on the woman’s right to abortion and you decide to support the pro-choice movement, you’ll have to make that position clear from the introduction.

        #3 Expository Essays

        These are probably the most common types of essays you will come across and are a common format of essay required in exams. You’ll also be analyzing evidence, and then structuring an “exposition”, which gives it its name.

        This kind of essay should take an objective approach: It isn’t about your personal opinions or experiences.  Your goal is to provide an informative and balanced explanation of your topic.

        #4 Descriptive Essays

        A descriptive type of essays are about describing as vividly as possible anything you are asked to write about. An example assignment would be to write an essay about your most recent holiday experience. This would be an ideal time to use a descriptive essay. Similar to an expository essay, you will require an introduction, body, and a conclusion.

        A descriptive essay is more like a creative writing assignment where you describe something in detail. Description may be a part of the other types of essays, but generally, they need a little bit more. A descriptive essay merely describes something in detail and the thing being described is the central focus, rather than an argument about something.

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