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        What is book editing: Answering the important questions.

        • calenderApr 28, 2020
        • calender 5 min read

        The editing process for a book and, say, a research paper are not the same. The level of editing, and the editor most suited for your text, depends on multiple factors. To begin with, here are some basic questions you can answer to narrow down your choice: 

        1. What is the intention of the text? 
        2. Is your book fiction or nonfiction?
        3. If non-fiction, does it depend heavily on research and technical information? 

        This article is written with the assumption that you intend to get your manuscript published. We get a lot of questions from aspiring authors about the publication process and at what time they should consider consulting a professional editor. Or if they should do that at all. As examples: 

        • Should I go query agents first or invest in an editor first? 
        • %

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          One comment on “What is book editing: Answering the important questions.

          1. Dr Mayan Lynch says:


            Could you please let me know your fees for book editing. I am aiming to 12 chapters with around 4,500-5,000 words per chapter. I would like each chapter to be edited one at a time.

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