Having your written work checked by an expert or an online proofreading service is indispensable to writing success. This is crucial despite having spell checkers in all major word processing software and the all online apps available for editing. We have already seen how both bring unique benefits to your writing. 

A simple search about online editing services and you’re spoilt for choice! So how to choose the right one to do the job for you. Ask yourself the following questions before you choose one:  

Will they do justice to your work and treat it fairly?

What makes them qualified for academic editing?

Why should they read your manuscript before anyone else?

How will they help you turn your story into a bestseller? 

Let’s look at some lesser-known facts about online proofreading services. This will also help you choose better considering there are hundreds to choose from. Let’s dive in: 

1. Check it before you wreck it. 

All major online proofreading services provide a free sample edit to give you glimpses of how the job is done. This is a great feature because you get acquainted with the value your full document will receive once you send it across for processing. 

What to look out for in your free sample edit: 

  • Are all changes tracked?  
  • Have they left in-depth comments and suggestions?  
  • How long do they take to process the document?

Along with that, many online proofreading services also provide free rounds of revisions after the first round of editing.  


2. Location 

These services are naturally based in countries with English as their native language. Online proofreading services are mostly based in the UK, U.S.A, and Australia. They house not only the best speakers of the English language but highly learned professionals who understand the technicalities of language, which can baffle even the native speakers of the language.    

3. Brilliant Customer service 

Online proofreading services have solid client support. The round-the-clock support they provide is a must because users often have doubts about the pricing, the level of service, and the turnaround time before they opt in to go ahead. In case, they’re not satisfied with how the document has turned out, they come back for a round of revision, with the particular requests for what they want changed. 

4. Pricing 

Each service provider has its own expertise. Some are great at editing books, while some proofread dissertations and theses the best, few take pride in formatting resumes and PaperTrue absolutely nails all of those documents. (Turns out, we also never miss a chance to humble brag). So the pricing varies a little according to the strength of each.

5. Editing and proofreading are different services 

People mistake the two to be the same thing. But there’s a clear distinction. Those are two different services, with a different set of skills required, and they are also priced differently.

What an editor does: 

  1. Maintain consistency of language, tone, and style. 
  2. Check the logical flow of ideas. 
  3. Correct spelling and grammar. 
  4. Ensure the work is readable. 
  5. Cross-check facts and figures. 
  6. Ensure the work for improved readability. 
  7. Eliminate all obvious errors. 

What a proofreader does: 

Proofreaders read carefully scans through the final copy of the text to highlight and correct errors. All the errors are highlighted and marked with the appropriate symbols. There is no rewriting done at this stage. Proofreaders polish the copy-edited document and put the final finish on it. 

  1. Spelling and style ate correct and consistent 
  2. Page numbers, headings, and captions are correct 
  3. Photos and illustrations are precisely arranged and captioned. 
  4. Correct inconsistent formatting in layout 
  5. Maintain usage of language (British or American English), punctuation, grammar, abbreviations, and acronyms.

6. The scope of editing and proofreading

Another common misconception is that online proofreading services only serve authors and students. That’s just the major clientele. Here at PaperTrue, we’ve processed documents for clients from various walks of life, like editing resumes and CV for job seekers, formatting film scripts, proofreading text for comics, processing business documents, and more.

If it’s written word you got, online proofreading services will surely help you make it better.