The bedrock of marketing has shifted drastically to purely content-based promotions, more specifically it has become content-intensive. According to a ‘State of Inbound’ report, 53% of marketers have content creation as their top priority, and with good reason. Great content increases customer retention and drives them to your page(s) again and again. Apart from this, it’s not only important to get followers but to also create content that trends. There are a multitude of reasons why your content should be one of your most important priorities. A lot of companies don’t focus on content as much as they should. The few that do still struggle with knowing the kind of content to put out and why should they divert their resources to it. Content editing is very important to market your company and to gather the desirable target audience. 

#1 The various algorithms that are spewed out of search engines and that are running on various social media sites often inhibit your content from reaching the people that you are targeting. Editing helps create an algorithm-sensitive language and have the maximum reach. 

#2 Content editing makes technical language more accessible. For example, if your company specialises in creating high-end engineering equipment, the jargon used will be difficult for your audience’s needs. A content editor ensures that the inherent meaning of your content doesn’t change but the reader understands what you’re exactly trying to convey.

#3 Makes the tone of your marketing material consistent. As a brand, you don’t want each social media channel giving a different impression and then the website giving a completely different impression than the rest. An editor helps even tone the style of your copy so that it doesn’t seem jarring. 

#4 Avoid embarrassing errors. How many times have you seen another company’s embarrassing typo and cringed to yourself? Well, it could happen to you, only if you don’t have a content editor go over all your copy first. 

#5 Make the content more engaging. The kind of language that your copy incorporates is the face of your company. Do you want to be known for tedious content? We thought so. That’s where an editor comes into place and helps make the advertising copy less salesly and more interactive and informative. 

#6 Help avoid the basic grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. The main job of the editor is editing your copy to ensure that your content is error-free. A comma could mean a world of difference between what you’re trying to say and what you actually end up saying. 

#7 Develop a style guide. A content editor does not just look at removing errors from your copy but also develops a style guide for your company. Style guides are necessary for every marketing company; they make your branding consistent on every channel. 

#8 Define, prioritize, and refine your message. An editor helps you frame your content in such a way that the reader/viewer gets the exact message that you were aiming for. This is done by removing any inconsistencies in the form of unwanted subtext. 

#9 Not only edit, but help in creating content. A content editor helps you to create quality content for your branding across all channels. Instead of creating content that is sale-sy and seems hollow, having an editor helps the content be more authoritative. 

Most marketing companies are hesitant to spend on an editor, often undermining their role in the growth of the company as a whole. We suggest that if you don’t have an editing team, you should outsource one. Apart from understanding the language of your target audience, editing makes technical language more accessible, help avoid embarrassing errors, make your copy more engaging, and avoid normal grammatical and spelling errors. Even if you think you can do it, sometimes minor things slip from under your eyes which then goes online. This is why it’s better that a trained eye goes over the content. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you can focus on content rather than how it’s presented, which gives you more time for creative concepts. Check out PaperTrue for affordable and expert editor services!