Did you cross your t’s and dot your i’s? Great. Editing and good proofreading travels a little beyond that mark though, and it is important to recognize the magnitude of it. You’ve spent hours, weeks, and maybe even months roving your tired eyes over the same document and material.

Now that you’ve finally made sense of it all and nearly reached the finishing line – why skimp on the editing? Think of it as adding that little spritz of body mist just before you step out. Here’s why hiring a professional proofreader is much more worthwhile than rechecking your own document for the fifth time!

1. Saves Your Soul

We know that you’re buried under a giant pile of munchies, countless mugs of coffee, and frustration as the clock keeps ticking away. We understand the feeling of typing that last full stop, and the exhilaration that follows. The prospect of editing after all that time will obviously seem taxing (an understatement, we get it!) post that. You’ve earned yourself that break, go revel in it while your paper/book flourishes in the right hands!

2. Better safe than sorry!

Often, the documents that require proofreading can consider sensitive and personal material. Online free editing softwares provide the most elementary corrections while endangering your documents at the same time. Sites like Grammarly don’t guarantee safety of your content or the document in general (check the terms and conditions!).

A professional proofreading service therefore, will provide you with expert advice and corrections while ensuring your material remains confidential.

3. Spell Check (Or Not?)

Microsoft Word has offered 95 percent of the market a free grammar checker, and most people consider this enough. However, it often skips out on correcting certain grammatical errors and is notoriously infamous for identifying less than 10 out of 20 errors. To add insult to injury, the software also keeps urging you to correct phrases that might not even be wrong!

So if habit gets you into using this option, make sure it’s followed up by further revisions.

4. A New Perspective

Professional editors can do it better than your mom can! No, really. Friends and family might not understand or have the required knowledge to proofread a document above a certain level. They could easily end up focusing more on contextual correction rather than grammatical errors. Additionally, they could avoid pointing out crucial mistakes for fear of hurting your sentiments. The feeling of ‘aww, how sensitive’, however, doesn’t translate into marks for your thesis or an audience for your book.

5. Holistic Editing

For example:

  1. My mother served me a bowl of steaming hot pasta.
  2. A bowl of steaming hot pasta served my mother.

While both sentences are grammatically correct, the second one makes no sense. That renders it as semantically incorrect, despite having maintained all the syntactic requirements of the English language. Even though a mistake like this seems glaringly obvious and ridiculous, an error like this could easily get lost amidst 30 pages of words, paragraphs, diagrams, and frustrated sleep deprivation.

It is important to recognize that editing goes beyond the basic level, and a well-edited paper can polish and better your hard-researched material. And since there’s a free 300-word sample offered to calm any lurking apprehension, why not consider PaperTrue?